Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Damn the Man!

Grr! Work blocked my email! How ever will I survive not knowing what is going on?! Ack!

What was that? Something about them wanting me to be productive? Oh yeah...I guess you have a point.

I have been meaning to update this on more of a daily basis. I need to try to put at least some of my randomness out there, he he. It will keep my mind less clogged (hopefully!)

I want to go see Muse!!!!!! They will be here in concert around my Birthday in March and I really want to go but...I don't want to go alone. I have repeatedly bought 2 tickets in hopes that someone would accompany me only to end up alone and either just not going or going alone and feeling awkward. I posted on Facebook that I am looking for people to go with me, he he. I feel rather silly doing such, but oh well.

I guess that is all for now...peace!

Friday, December 25, 2009

The Blind Side

Today my Mother, sister, and I went to see The Blind Side. We didn't really have any other specific plans so a movie seemed to hit the spot perfectly. I did enjoy the movie even though Sandra Bullock's attempt at a Southern accent did bother me a few times in the film. Another thing that I was annoyed with was the fact that no real Memphis places were used. Humph. Memphis could use the publicity and the tourism...

Other than that though the movie was really good. The acting was note-worthy, especially the actor who portrayed Michael Oher. So yeah, check it out...tell me what you think.

Time for a Change

I know I already had a blog, but that one had a bad after taste that I just couldn't get past. This one I hope will be different. I am hoping to just write random things that interest me, get on my nerves, etc. I will probably talk about music, movies, and other crap that are on my mind.

Right now it is Christmas Eve, I am under my weighted blanket with my cat asleep at my feet and King of the Hill on in the background. You might not have a clue what a weighted blanket is, so I will try to clue you in but I might not be the best at explaining it. A weighted blanket is a blanket (duh) that is weighted (duh squared.) There are multiple purposes for using a weighted blanket. It has become popular with children with Autism and other individuals with sensory problems. It is also used for people like me who are comforted by the weight. When I feel restless, stressed, uncomfortable or whatever, its weight around me, surrounding me, brings me comfort. Like I said, my explanation might be crappy so if anyone reading this has things to add, go for it!

In the meantime, here is the site where I got my blanket...they offer a better description (not surprisingly.)

I guess that is it for now...