Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Beer and Ales

Recently I have been trying to find a really good Pumpkin beer or ale. I adore pumpkin in general so when I can find something that is flavored with pumpkin, I am always happy. On my third beer/ale attempt, I found it. I bought some Smuttynose Pumpkin but found that it really didn't have much of a pumpkin flavor. I tried Samuel Adams' Pumpkin Spice but I really didn't taste any pumpkin at all. Finally, I tried Shipyard's Pumpkin Ale. Oh my! SO good. The pumpkin can be tasted but isn't overwhelming and it is smooth. Now I know why it was sold out at the liquor store I ventured to.

Has anyone out there ever had Xingu? It is my favorite beer by far. It is a Brazilian black beer but it isn't heavy and overpowering as most dark beer can be. If you can, give it a try. Everyone I have introduced to it loved it...even my Grandma who is more of a liquor drinker than a beer drinker. I can't remember how I came upon it to be honest though. Hmm. Oh well. To find Xingu in your area, you can go to their website here (though I cannot seem to get the site to come up at the moment.)

What is your favorite beer or ale?

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  1. If you lived nearby I'd take you to get some of the O'Fallon Pumpkin Ale... it's local and from what I've been told, it's the best