Friday, February 4, 2011

B*tch of the Day

Sooooo, technically I ran into this pleasant (*sarcasm*) woman yesterday, but I figured posting it today would still get the point across.

We were getting off of the T at the same station and heading in the same direction. While on the escalator, I noticed she had these corded things on the bottoms of her shoes. I know that sounds really intelligent, but I am not sure what they are actually called. Since we were walking the same speed and in the same direction, I began to ask her a question. She cut me off snapping a, "WHAT?" out. Um. I said, "I noticed you have-" cut off again. She interrupted and said, "Look I am going to work ask someone else." I told her I was going to work to and that I wanted to know about her shoes. She simply put her ear buds in and completely ignored me. Niiiice.

I have run into plenty of people lately who can fit into the "B*tch of the Day" category, so I might start writing about them more, ha ha. Maybe it is all the snow...who knows.

That's all really, nothing too interesting in this post.

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